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  • 01 Dec 2016 8:46 AM | Jan Wauters (Administrator)

    On Dec 5, the BBC Radio will bring its top program "The Forum" to Leuven to celebrate the 500th year birthday of Thomas More's book Utopia, printed in Leuven. The show will host Rector Torfs and experts from Amsterdam and Porto Universities. More info here.

  • 24 Oct 2016 4:28 PM | Jan Wauters (Administrator)

    11/01/2016 - 07/14/2017 

    Open Society Foundations–New York
    224 West 57th Street New York NY
    New York , NY 10019

    The Open Society Documentary Photography Project invites you to the opening reception for the exhibition Urban Now: City Life in Congo.

    This exhibition by photographer Sammy Baloji and anthropologist Filip De Boeck (KU Leuven professor) offers an exploration of different urban sites in Congo, through the media of photography and video. Focusing on the “urban now,” a moment suspended between the broken dreams of a colonial past and the promises of neoliberal futures, the exhibition offers an artistic and ethnographic investigation of what living—and living together—might mean in Congo’s urban worlds.

    More info and registration 

  • 02 Oct 2016 11:27 AM | Jan Wauters (Administrator)

    The 2016-2017 was solemnly opened on Monday September 26, with its characteristic ceremony, including the procession of academic regalia. 

    Theme of the Opening was Utopia, Thomas More's book printed in Leuven in 1516, and celebrated only recently in New York at the Yale Club in the presence of Prof. Torfs. More info on the ceremony can be found here

  • 03 Aug 2016 8:21 AM | Jan Wauters (Administrator)

    This unique book, printed in Leuven in Latin, was the masterpiece of the famous Thomas More, who was amongst others a councillor to King Henry VIII of England. His book was translated in English in 1551.

    See Events for a activity honoring Thomas More's ideas on Utopia. 

  • 12 Jul 2016 3:56 PM | Jan Wauters (Administrator)
    The Reuters Top 100 aims to identify which institutions contribute the most to science and technology, and have the greatest impact on the global economy. KU Leuven earned its first place rank, in part, by putting out a high volume of influential inventions. Its researchers submit more patents than almost any other university in Europe, and outside researchers frequently cite KU Leuven inventions in their own patent applications.
  • 23 Mar 2016 9:24 AM | Jan Wauters (Administrator)

    Georges Lemaitre, Belgian priest and professor of Physics in Leuven, was celebrated on the occasion of remembrance of his death 50 years go. 

    The Belgian Ambassador in Washington DC hosted a seminar dedicated to Lemaitre at his residence on March 15. Keynote speakers were John Mather, Nobel Laureate and Sr. Astrophysicist at NASA, and Prof. Lambert, University of Namur, author of "The atom of the universe: the life and work of Georges Lemaitre.

    Location of the Lemaitre conference
    Belgian Residence, Washington DC.

    Keynotes by 
    Dr. John Mather, Nobel Laureate in Physics [for his work on the Cosmic Background Explorer Satellite COBE] and NASA's project scientist for the James Webb Space Telescope, the successor of the Hubble Telescope.

    Prof. Dominique Lambert, Director of the Department of Philosophy, University of Namur.


  • 17 Jan 2016 11:49 AM | Jan Wauters (Administrator)

    Our Alma Mater consistently climbs in the ranking of the prestigious Times Higer Education scores, from 61 in 2014 to 55 in 2015 and now 35th. In particular industry income (collaboration with industry) and citations (quality of publications reflects how much they are cited by others) score very good.

    Click here for details.

  • 07 Oct 2015 9:40 PM | Jan Wauters (Administrator)

    This study reveals the ranking of most innovative universities, based on parameters like the number of patent applications and the impact of tech transfer. In Europe, only Imperial College in London is a ahead of Leuven. 

    This study, carried out by Reuters proves the importance of Leuven`s research and its impact on the knowledge economy.

    More info: http://www.standaard.be/cnt/dmf20150925_01886473

  • 25 Jun 2015 4:09 PM | Jan Wauters (Administrator)

    New York, 23 June 2015 -- Prof. Marc Swyngedouw was invited by Flanders House and our Chapter to share his insights on the results of his study on the 2014 elections. The roundtable format gathered some 20 interested guests from as far as Massachussetts, networking during and afterwards with Belgian beers!

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