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The Chapter's success is based on the work of many volunteers. In particular, the following Board members serve the Alma Mater's alumni network in the States. Here you can get to know about us and find us on LinkedIn. 

We and hundreds of other KU alumni would also like to get to know you. Start connecting with your US-KU alumni network here

Jan Wauters, President

Jan Wauters is the science and technology counselor life sciences and nanotechnologies at Flanders Investment & Trade New York, where he is responsible for stimulating high-tech research collaborations and business opportunities between the Americas and the State of Flanders, Belgium. 

Jan received his Masters in physics and PhD in sciences from KU Leuven in 1987 and 1993, respectively. From 1993 to 1995, he was an appointed postdoctoral researcher at the university. Before his current appointment, he took several positions in buniness development for R&D center IMEC at Leuven.

Jan is proud to be part of a university that is one of the oldest in Europe and at the same time ranked #1 in Europe in innovation performance, and he's happy to be able to promote his alma mater. He currently serves as Fellow of the Faculty of Sciences to promote KU Leuven in Belgium and abroad.

In spearheading the creation of the US-KU Leuven Alumni Chapter, Jan's goal is to bring alumni back in touch with Leuven and each other. And he has organized equally passionate alumni events to further this chapter's mission.

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Lieven Nuyttens, Vice-President

Lieven Nuyttens is the CEO of the US division of FLUIDDA, a Belgian early-stage diagnostics and imaging biomarker company. 

Lieven earned his Master of sciences/engineering from the KU Leuven and his MBA from the Wharton Business School.

Prior to joining FLUIDDA, Lieven held executive and senior level positions with Prestige Brands Inc., McKinsey & Co., Inc., Boots Group PLC, and the Block Drug Company/Glaxo Smith Kline, in areas including operations, supply chain and new product development. 

Residing in Larchmont, NY with his spouse Anke and two daughters Emilie (12) and Alice (9), Lieven is excited to connect with fellow alumni on US soil.

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Tom Ceusters, Vice-President

Tom Ceusters is the Director of Treasury Market Operations at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group and the largest global development institution focused on the private sector.

IFC Treasury Market Operations is in charge of the Corporation's debt capital markets activities, liquid assets pool and balance sheet hedges, while generating revenue for the Corporation.

In his role, Mr. Ceusters leads the Treasury Market Operations department and represents IFC as a premier AAA rated issuer/investor in the global financial markets. He develops, implements and executes the funding, cash and liquid asset management strategy, ensuring cost efficiency and returns commensurate with IFC’s triple-A credit ratings and policies and guidelines.

Before joining IFC Mr. Ceusters was Managing Director Head of Assets, Funding & Markets at Dexia New York. During his 21-year tenure at Dexia, he evolved from being a very specialized derivatives trader to an all-around capital markets and portfolio manager.

Mr. Ceusters holds an MBA in Finance from NYU Stern School of Business and a Commercial Engineering degree from KU Leuven.

Utsav Schurmans, Regional Vice-President Philadelphia region

Utsav Schurmans is the house dean of Ware College House at the University of Pennsylvania. He manages a team of 27 which include faculty, professional, graduate and undergraduate student staff and provides support for the 550 undergraduate students who live in Ware College. 

Utsav Schurmans earned a Masters in archaeology from the KUL in 1998, a Masters of anthropology from Arizona State University in 2001 and his PhD in anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania in 2008. 

Utsav's academic specialty is prehistoric archaeology with a specific focus on the Late Pleistocene in North Africa and the Near East. As a student affairs professional, he is interested in college access and bringing innovative learning opportunities outside the classroom. 

Ustav currently resides in Philadelphia with his wife Andi and three children Oni, Kai, and Baya.

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Kristyn Brown, Board Member

Kristyn Brown is a social and public policy researcher with experience in corporate communications and brand strategy.

Originally from New York, Kristyn earned her Masters and advanced Masters degrees (MA, MPhil) in philosophy from KU Leuven in 2010 and 2011. After serving as editor for Research in Political Philosophy Leuven (RIPPLE), a KUL research center, she returned to the US to continue research at Columbia University/NYSPI. 

Kristyn has a passion for connecting people. While in Leuven, she became the first VP of Communications for the International Philosophy Student Association (IPSA), and, since returning to the US, she continues to embrace the spirit of camaraderie in the KUL community.

Kristyn is overjoyed to be a part of the KUL Alumni US Chapter, working to grow our network into a stellar international community that enables current and future alumni to connect with ease, opening doors and new opportunities for all.

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Luc Cools, Board Member

Luc Cools is the general manager of KBC Bank New York branch.  The Belgian KBC Group is an integrated bank-insurance group, catering for retail, private banking, SME and mid-cap clients.  The New York branch focuses on supporting corporate KBC customers for their activities in the USA and Canada.Luc obtained a Masters degree in Engineering from KU Leuven in 1985.  He was a faculty member in the thermodynamics department for two years, after which he joined the KBC Group.  

In 1995 he became a KBC expat serving in senior managing positions in Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Slovakia and the USA.  He has a broad financial experience, covering retail and corporate banking and insurance.

He lives in Rye, New York, with his spouse Kristel and has three children Tim (14), Philip (21) and Evelyn (22). 

Find Luc on Linkedin.

Peter Vanham, Vice President Communications & Board Member 

Peter Vanham is an author, media strategist, and business journalist. He writes about the global economy and the people who help shape it, contributing stories to Financial Times, Business Insider, and World Economic Forum Agenda.

His first book, "Before I Was CEO" (Wiley, 2017), tells the life stories and lessons from leaders before they reached the top. Since 2014, Peter works as Lead Writer and US media lead for the World Economic Forum. Previously he works as a consultant for Bain & Company, and as US country manager for legendary Tour de France winner Eddy Merckx.

Peter holds an M.A. in Business & Economics Journalism from Columbia University and an M.Sc. in Commercial Engineering from his alma mater in Belgium, the Catholic University of Leuven. He lives and works in New York with his wife.

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