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If you are a graduate of KU Leuven or completed a semester abroad at KU Leuven and are living in the US, join your KU Alumni US Chapter and start connecting with your fellow alumni locally.

Members receive access to discounts and priority registration for events, news releases, and most importantly, the US-KU alumni directory to connect with your fellow grads here in the US.  


KU Leuven and KU Leuven Alumni USA present unique event on Nov 1!

Seats are filling up - over 60% gone

Upcoming events

- Captain of Academia -

June 7, New York - Honorary Rector Andre Oosterlinck - see also our community page.

Regional Chapters

Famous Alumnus close-up

Lemaitre revisited!

Georges Lemaitre has been on this spot before. But we had him come back: the IAU, International Astronomical Union, has voted to rename Hubble's Law into the Hubble-Lemaitre Law, to recognize his work on the Big Bang Theory (no, not the series). Lemaitre 'discovered' the big bang concept as he was the first to utilize Einstein's theory to the cosmos. 

Famous alumni in the spotlight
Notable Alumni in the past 590 years

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